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Big Kuntry King

Hip Hop Acts

Atlanta, GA, USA

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While T.I. and the rest of the camp were overseas playing shows in Japan, Kuntry was in the studio by himself recording solo material. It didn't take long for Kuntry to craft the catchy tracks, "Yeah I'm On It" and "That's Right," which both featured Kuntry's drawn out signature adlib, You know who this is man, Big Kuntry King!. "I took all of my money and pressed up the 'Yeah I'm On It' record," he says. "And by the time they came back from Japan, I had two records on the radio and playing in the clubs." Determined to succeed, Kuntry was signed as a solo artist to Atlantic Records, where he released his solo debut studio album, My Turn to Eat: "I always thought it was my turn to eat cause I'm hungry. All these people are eating more around me, so either I have to take some food off their plate."

After recording for close to a year, Kuntry's debut was a solid collection of songs produced by some of Atlanta's trend-setting track masters, including Shawty Redd and Marvelous J. On the song "Pots and Pans," Kuntry breaks down the difference between the music he was raised on Down South as opposed to what people up North were accustomed to hearing.

On the Nard & B produced cut "Soul of a Man," Kuntry talks about the heavy expectations that are placed on men everyday, and the common struggle to always do the right thing. Kuntry's track "Posse" is all about repping where he's from and the company that he keeps: "If you listen to my album you're going to be rockin' the whole time," he says. "I hand-picked all of my beats and I'm very picky.

A lot of people tell me I got an ear and I appreciate it 'cause this ear is going to get me paid." Cha-ching!". "I think my music is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," he says. "It's like, he's funny, he's cracking jokes but he's serious ain't he? It's a psychological thing; I don't think a lot of rappers are like that." The album, released September 30, 2008, debuted at #98 on the Billboard 200.

On February 27, 2012, Big Kuntry King released a mixtape titled 100% (KANE), including production from Zaytoven, Nard & B and Two Band Geeks and features a guest appearance from T.I. On December 12, 2012 Big Kuntry King released another mixtape, Dope & Champagne.

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