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  • Wedding Gigs vs. Bar Gigs: The Ultimate Showdown!

    I would like to share this article written by: Jared Judge Fulltime Music Academy Hey gigging musicians, Today, we're diving into the ring for an epic showdown: Wedding Gigs vs. Bar Gigs! It's a playful rivalry, but when it comes to your music career, there's a clear winner. Round 1: Paycheck PunchIn one corner, we have Bar Gigs. Sure, they can be fun, but they often pay peanuts. You're stuck with late-night shifts and tips that barely cover your strings.And in the other corner, the reigning champ, Wedding Gigs! These gigs bring in the big bucks. Couples are willing to invest in quality music for their special day. Say hello to fatter paychecks and a happier bank account. Round 2: Working ConditionsBar Gigs might have you crammed into a corner, competing with chatter and clinking glasses. Not exactly the ideal stage.But with Wedding Gigs, you get a VIP pass to elegant venues. You'll be playing in beautiful settings, and your music becomes an integral part of a magical day. It's a win for both you and the happy couple. Round 3: Job SatisfactionSure, Bar Gigs offer some regularity, but playing the same setlist night after night can become mundane.Wedding Gigs, on the other hand, are all about variety. Different couples, unique requests, and a chance to craft unforgettable moments through music. Your creativity thrives, making every gig exciting. Round 4: Future ProspectsBar Gigs can become a never-ending cycle. It's easy to get stuck in the loop without much room for growth. But Wedding Gigs open doors. Satisfied couples recommend you to their friends and family. Your reputation grows, and soon, you're booking more high-paying weddings than you can handle. So, there you have it, folks. In this friendly competition, Wedding Gigs come out on top, offering better pay, working conditions, job satisfaction, and future prospects. Ready to learn how to land your first or next wedding gig? Join us for the FREE Wedding Gig Challenge starting on February 12, 2024. It's your chance to demystify the wedding industry and unlock the secrets to booking those lucrative gigs. Don't miss out! Register now at and let's elevate your music career together! To your thriving music career, Jared Judge

  • Booking & Performing Tips From Talent Buyers & Venue Managers

    When To Book Gigs: The Ultimate Guide for Artists [Editor’s Note: This article was co-written by Chelsea G. Ira and Jeri Goldstein of New Artist Model.] When it comes to booking gigs, a lot of musicians put a lot of effort into perfecting their pitch, gathering all the material bookers could ask for, and improving their live show performance. But all of that planning and preparation could be for nothing if you call up the venue asking for a gig at the wrong time. Let me explain… Different venues follow different booking schedules and calendars. In other words, they have a set time they like to book upcoming gigs. This schedule was created to work best with their workflow, business, and promotional needs. For example, clubs need to stay flexible with their bookings so their booking schedule is a lot shorter-term than say, a festival, which can begin booking a year ahead of time. So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you called up a club trying to book a date a year out, they’d think you were crazy. And if you tried to book a festival a month or two in advance you probably wouldn’t even get a response – even if you had the absolute best pitch ever! It’s all about being the right act at the right time. So today we’re going to go through some of the common venues you may be targeting for gigs and when they tend to book their gigs. If you can call venues when they are solidifying their calendar, you’ll have a much better chance of landing the gig! If you want more information on how to contact each venue type, we’ll be discussing today as well as the things to consider when you do reach out to them, we have a ebook that goes through everything you’ll need to know about booking clubs, festivals, colleges, performing arts centers, and elementary schools right here. When to Book Club Gigs Clubs work on a pretty short-term schedule compared to other venues. This can be both great, and extremely frustrating. On one hand, it’s easy to fill in gaps in your tour last minute by calling up a few clubs. On the other hand, if you’re trying to plan out a tour farther out, it can be difficult to get club bookers to commit to booking a date. So, when should you contact club bookers? Clubs are more likely to be filling their calendars one to two months prior to the play date. Your best bet is to call up a club is as soon as you know you are planning a gig or tour. At this point you can try to get them to place a “hold” on your preferred date. Think of placing a “hold” as penciling something into the calendar. You’ve gotten their attention, but it’s not set in stone yet and it’s up to you to get back to them to check on the date and see if they are ready to firm it up. As you get to know the specific clubs you’re booking, you’ll get a better idea of exactly when in that one to two-month period they begin actually firming up dates and making them official. Armed with this information, you can make sure to give the club a call back prior to that deadline to check on your holds. One thing to keep in mind when booking club dates is that club bookers are always looking for proven acts who can bring a crowd and sell drinks. That means there is a chance your hold may get taken by a hot act coming through the area. If you find out a hot act is vying for your hold, let the booker know you’d be keen to jump in as an opener. It can be a great chance to get in front of a new audience and make some new fans. When to Book Festivals Festivals are a much bigger production requiring lots of planning and coordination to bring together multiple acts as well as other workshops, events, and sponsorships. And that means they book their acts a lot further out. Generally, if you want to get booked for next year’s festival, the best time to reach out to the festival’s artistic director about two months after this year’s event. In other words, about 10 months out. Never call a festival in the two months prior to the event. At this point they are deep in prep mode preparing for the upcoming festival and won’t have the time to talk to you. If a festival gig is a goal of yours, another way to get on their radar and make a connection is through conferences. Often the artistic directors of festivals will attend various music festivals throughout the year to discover new acts. If there’s a specific festival you’re working towards, try asking the staff what conferences the artistic director attends and focus on those. When to Book College Gigs Colleges are another venue that are on more of a slow booking calendar. Depending on the college, they’ll either be booking bands six or 12 months out, coinciding with their academic calendar. So, for example, a college may be looking in February/March to book acts for the fall semester. With the academic calendar in mind, it’s best to schedule all your communications with colleges while school is in session as you’ll most likely be dealing with students in the Student Activities Office. The college booking schedule is also heavily influenced by the various conferences and showcases put on by NACA and APCA. Both organizations hold national and regional conferences, and your best bet for meeting with students booking their school’s activities is through these events. You can see a full schedule of the showcases on each association’s website. Schedule follow up calls immediately after these conferences, as that is when the student activities office is dedicated to nailing down the dates for the next semester or two. It’s also when they have the most budget for gigs. Even if you were not able to attend any conferences or showcases, schedule any outreach calls and send your materials in the time immediately after the events. When to Book Performing Arts Centers Performing arts centers are often associated with colleges but are completely separate from the student activities office. Instead, they are usually booked by a staff member and run by the performing arts department. Similarly to college gigs, the booking schedule for performing arts centers are centered around conferences and showcases held by the APAP, and most of the networking and booking happens around the national and regional conferences. Performing arts centers typically book 18 months to two years in advance, so if you want to play these types of venues, you need to take a much more long-term tour planning approach. Program directors typically do most of their decision-making between October and December and fill in the gaps after the January national conference. Just like with college gigs, you should plan your outreach a few days after the scheduled conferences to you can be on their radar as they’re making decisions. When to Book Elementary Schools Elementary school gigs aren’t for everyone, but if you have an act or performance that can translate into something educational, it can be an extremely lucrative market without all the competition that goes into the typical club scene. As you may have guessed, you need to book these gigs during the academic year. Schools typically book gigs a semester ahead of time. If you want a gig in the fall, you need to be calling in the spring before school gets out. If you want a gig in the winter, you need to call in the early fall as soon as school is back in session. I hope now you can see just how important timing is when reaching out to venues about gigs. If you can keep the bookers’ schedules in mind and reach out at the right time, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting the gig. Darron Leroy Moore is the C.E.O. of 14th Floor Music and Entertainment / He is a recording artist with the Band 'Darron Moore and The 14th Floor, and with the tribute band, 'The Luther Vandross Experience ft Darron Moore. He provides a booking platform for various artists, speakers, and variety acts of all genres. Darron has over 25 years promoting concerts performing and event planning. Jeri Goldstein was an agent and manager and now an author and music business and performing arts career coach, keynote speaker and seminar presenter. She provides valuable resources, instruction and coaching to those navigating their way to creating a successful touring career. Having worked with some of the top touring acoustic artists on the circuit for 20 years, she booked national and international tours for artists performing in music, theater, and dance. Chelsea Ira is the Director of Marketing for The New Artist Model.

  • Laugh Out Loud: Booking the Funniest Entertainers for Hire on is a subsidiary of 14th Floor Music and Entertainment, offering a vast selection of the best comedy acts the entertainment industry has to offer. With a focus on providing top-notch comedic performances, this platform has become the go-to destination for those in search of the funniest comedians for hire. When it comes to comedy, there is something truly special about witnessing a skilled comedian captivating an audience with their wit and humor. It takes a certain level of talent and mastery to be able to deliver punchlines and perfectly timed jokes that leave everyone in stitches. understands the importance of a good laugh and has assembled an impressive roster of comedy acts to cater to various preferences and occasions. One of the standout features of is their commitment to quality. They handpick each comedian on their platform, ensuring that only the best of the best make the cut. This meticulous curation process ensures that clients have access to a range of professional, experienced, and reliably funny performers. With a diverse pool of comedians, caters to all types of comedy enthusiasts. Whether you prefer observational humor, satire, or slapstick, you can find a comedian that aligns with your taste. From clean comedians suitable for corporate events to edgier acts for more adult-oriented audiences, this platform has thoughtfully curated a selection that can cater to any event or occasion. One of the most significant advantages of using is their extensive network of comedians. Through their affiliation with 14th Floor Music and Entertainment, they have established connections with reputable and highly sought-after performers. This network gives them an edge when it comes to securing the best talent in the industry. Booking a comedian is a breeze through the user-friendly interface of With just a few clicks, clients can browse through the diverse range of comedians, read detailed profiles, and watch video clips of their performances. This seamless experience allows users to make informed decisions when selecting the perfect comedian for their event. In addition to their vast selection and easy booking process, also prides itself on exceptional customer service. They understand that each event is unique and work closely with clients to ensure that their entertainment needs are met. Their team of professionals is readily available to answer any questions and provide assistance throughout the booking process. is not just a platform for comedy enthusiasts; it is also a valuable resource for comedians looking to showcase their talent. By being a part of this reputable network, comedians gain exposure and opportunities to perform at various events. This mutually beneficial relationship between entertainers and the platform creates a thriving community of comedic talent. In conclusion,, as a subsidiary of 14th Floor Music and Entertainment, offers the best comedians for hire. With a commitment to quality, a diverse selection, and excellent customer service, they are the premier destination for anyone in search of the funniest comedic acts. Whether it's a corporate event, a private party, or any other occasion in need of laughter, has you covered.

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  • Luther Vandross Biography | 14thFloorMusic

    Luther vandross biography Source: Live In Concert Song Lyrics Luther Vandross Biography, Age, Birthday, Family, Net Worth By Newsd Follow Newsd On GOOGLE NEWS I n addition to his success as a solo recording artist, Vandross was in demand as a background vocalist for a number of other artists throughout his career. To help you celebrate his special day, you can learn about this music icon's impressive accomplishments and other fascinating details right here. ​ Luther Vandross Biography: ​ BACKGROUND Luther Ronzoni Vandross, Jr. was born at Bellevue Hospital on April 20, 1951, in the Kips Bay neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Vandross was the second son among Mary Ida and Luther’s four offspring. His mother was a nurse, while his father was an upholsterer and singer. Vandross grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan’s Alfred E. Smith Houses public housing community. When he was three years old and possessed a phonograph, he taught himself to play piano by ear. At the age of nine, Vandross’s family relocated to the Bronx. Patricia and Ann began bringing him to the Apollo Theatre and a Brooklyn theatre to see Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin. Patricia was a member of the vocal group the Crests and performed on the tracks ‘My Juanita’ and ‘Sweetest One.’ 1969 William Howard Taft High School graduate Luther Vandross attended Western Michigan University for one year before opting out to pursue a career in music. In high school, he led the first Patti LaBelle fan association he founded. Luther Vandross Early life: He also performed with the Shades of Jade ensemble at the Apollo Theatre. During his early years in show business, he performed multiple times at Apollo’s renowned amateur night. He participated in the singles ‘Only Love Can Make a Better World ’ and ‘Listen My Brother’ while a member of the theatre workshop. In late August 1969, the ensemble performed before tens of thousands of people at the Harlem Cultural Festival. From 1969 to 1970, he appeared with the group in the premiere episode and subsequent episodes of Sesame Street’s first season. ​ Vandross rose to prominence as a featured singer with the acclaimed pop-dance act “Change,” which was established by French-Italian businessman Jacques Fred Petrus. Vandross was the lead vocalist on their 1980 hits ‘The Glow of Love’ and ‘Searching.’ In a 2001 interview, he described ‘The Glow of Love’ as “the most beautiful song I’ve ever sung.” The song “Never Too Much” topped the R&B charts and marked the beginning of Luther Vandross’ composition partnership with bassist Marcus Miller, who played on many of the tracks and would also produce or co-produce them. The ‘Never Too Much’ album was orchestrated by Nat Adderley Jr., a high school classmate of Luther Vandross. This collaboration would continue throughout Vandross’ career. Luther Vandross Achivements: ​ Additionally, he composed, produced, and sang background vocals for Whitney Houston’s 1990 album “I’m Your Baby Tonight” track “Who Do You Love” In the 1990s, additional albums were released, commencing with “Power of Love” in 1991, which produced two top 10 pop hits. In 1991, Vandross received his first Grammy for ‘Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.’ In 1992, he won his second Grammy for ‘Best Male R&B Vocal’ and his song ‘Power of Love’ won the Grammy for ‘Best R&B Song’ in the same year. 2003 saw the publication of Vandross’s album “Dance with My Father.” In its first week, it sold 442,000 copies and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart. He and co-writer Richard Marx won the 2004 Grammy Award for ‘Song of the Year’ for the same-titled melody, which was dedicated to Vandross’ childhood memories of dancing with his father. Additionally, the composition earned Vandross his fourth and final award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.The album was his only No. 1 on the Billboard album chart during his entire career. ​ The Original Luther Vandross Experience ft Darron Moore AWARDS GRAMMY AWARDS 1991: Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Here and Now” 1992: Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Power of Love” Best R&B Song “Power of Love/Love Power” 1997: Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Your Secret Love” 2004: Song of the Year “Dance With My Father” Best R&B Album “Dance With My Father” Best R&B Vocal Performance by Duo or Group “The Closer I Get to You” (duet w/Beyonce) Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Dance With My Father” GRAMMY NOMINATIONS 1982: (2) Best New Artist, Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Never Too Much” 1983: (1) Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Forever, For Always, For Love” 1986: (1) Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “The Night I Fell In Love” 1987: (2) Best R&B Song, Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Give Me the Reason” 1989: (2) Best R&B Song, Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Any Love” 1990: (1) Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “She Won’t Talk to Me” 1992: (1) Best R&B Vocal Performance by Duo or Group “Doctor’s Orders” w/Aretha Franklin 1993: (1) Best R&B Vocal Performance by Duo or Group “The Best Things in Life Are Free” w/Janet Jackson 1994: (1) Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “How Deep Is Your Love” 1995: (4) Best Pop Vocal Performance-Male “Love The One You’re With” Best Pop Collaboration w/Vocals “Endless Love” w/Mariah Carey Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Always and Forever” Best R&B Album Songs 1997: (2) Best R&B Song “Your Secret Love” Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Your Secret Love” 1998: (1) Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “When You Call On Me/Baby That’s When I Come Runnin’” 1999: (2) Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “I Know” Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance “I Know” 2003: (1) Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance “Any Day Now” 2004: (1) Best R&B Song “Dance With My Father” 2007: (1) Best R&B Vocal Performance-Male “Got You Home” (posthumous) AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist, Winner (7): 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 2002, 2003 Favorite Soul/R&B Album, Winner (2): 1992 Power of Love 2003 Dance With My Father AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS NOMINATIONS 1986: (2) Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist Favorite Soul/R&B Album The Night I Fell In Love 1988: (1) Favorite Soul/R&B Album Give Me The Reason NAACP IMAGE AWARDS Outstanding Male Artist, Winner (3): 1999, 2002, 2004 Outstanding Album of the Year, Winner (1): 2004 Dance With My Father ADDITIONAL HONORS 2008: #54 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time 2010: Named one of NPR’s (National Public Radio) 50 Greatest Voices 2014: Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame TIMELINE April 20, 1951 Luther Ronzoni Vandross, Jr. is born to Luther Sr., an upholsterer, and Mary Ida, a nurse, in New York City. When Luther is eight years old, his father dies suddenly. 1964 Luther decides to become a singer after hearing Dionne Warwick sing the Bacharach-David songbook at Brooklyn’s Fox Theatre. 1967 At William Howard Taft High School, Luther meets singers Robin Clark and Diane Sumler. Luther forms Shades of Jade during a summer program for gifted high school students at Fordham University called Upward Bound. Carlos Alomar plays guitar for the Shades during that earliest incarnation. Luther first meets Fonzi Thornton at his sister Ann’s house in East Harlem, New York. Luther makes four appearances at the Apollo Theater’s brutal Amateur Night competition, but never wins. The Shades of Jade that appeared on Apollo Amateur Night consisted of Luther Vandross, Fonzi Thornton, Bruce Wallace, Gayle Matthews and Brenda West. The group earns second place twice and is never booed off the stage. 1969 Luther joins the Listen My Brother Revue, and later recruits Robin Clark, Diane Sumler, Fonzi Thornton, Bruce Wallace and Carlos Alomar to join the group. Listen My Brother appears onSesame Street in the first two years of the show. 1973 Luther contributes vocals and writes a song for Delores Hall’s RCA debut (credited as Luther Van Dross). He also composes “Everybody Rejoice” for “The Wiz.” 1974 Carlos Alomar invites Luther and Robin Clark to the sessions for David Bowie’s Young Americans album. Bowie hires Luther on the spot and then reworks Luther’s “Funky Music (Is A Part Of Me)” as his own “Fascination.” Luther goes on tour with Bowie. 1975 On Bowie’s recommendation, Bette Midler hires Luther to sing on her new record and he makes an immediate impression on producer Arif Mardin. Luther records with Ben E. King, Chaka Khan, Carly Simon, Roberta Flack and the Average White Band. 1976 Luther forms the group Luther, and releases a self-titled album on Atlantic’s Cotillion label. 1977 The group Luther releases a second album, This Close To You, and is then dropped by Cotillion. Luther sings on the demo for Chic’s “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah).” He later sings on Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” and “Lost In Music.” 1978 Luther sings on Quincy Jones’ Sounds… And Stuff Like That!! with Patti Austin and Gwen Guthrie. 1979 Luther leads the chorus on “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” by Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand, then sings backup for Cher, Evelyn “Champagne” King and several studio groups. 1980 Luther finds success on Urban Contemporary radio with his vocals on “Searching” and “The Glow Of Love” for the studio band Change. While on tour with Roberta Flack, she implores Luther to follow his joy. He produces several songs and shops them to major labels. 1981 Epic Records signs Luther Vandross and releases the self-produced Never Too Much. Now the toast of the town, he’s profiled in New York Magazine and performs his first solo set at New York’s super-sophisticated Savoy Theater, opening for Chaka Khan. 1982Luther releases his second album, Forever, For Always, For Love, a million-seller. Headlining New York’s Radio City Music Hall, Luther performs two sold-out shows. 1983 Luther produces Aretha’s Jump To It album and the title track to Dionne Warwick’s How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye. He also duets with Cheryl Lynn on a cover of “If This World Were Mine.” Luther releases his third album, Busy Body, which goes Platinum. 1985 Luther releases his fourth album, The Night I Fell In Love, which sells more than 2 million copies. He contributes vocals to Stevie Wonder’s No. 1 hit “Part Time Lover” and joins Patti LaBelle on her first NBC television special, The Patti LaBelle Show. 1986 Luther’s fifth album, Give Me The Reason, begins its march to double platinum. 1987 Luther writes and produces “It’s Hard For Me To Say” for Diana Ross. 1988 Luther performs 65 dates during a three-month tour, grossing $12.8 million and becoming one of music’s top live attractions. He co-hosts the first annual Soul Train Awards show. His sixth album, Any Love, reaches No. 9 in the national Top Ten. 1989 The Best of Luther Vandross… The Best of Love charts for 51 consecutive weeks in Billboard and sells over 3 million copies. “Here And Now,” written by Dionne Warwick’s son David Elliott, becomes Luther’s first Top 10 pop single. Luther sells out 10 nights at London’s Wembley Arena. 1990 “Here And Now” wins Best Male R&B Vocal Performance at the Grammy Awards — his first Grammy win after nine nominations. Luther produces the song “Who Do You Love” for Whitney Houston’s third album, I’m Your Baby Tonight. 1991 Luther is profiled in The New York Times Magazine as his new album Power of Love sells more than a million copies, becoming his eighth consecutive Platinum album. In Los Angeles, June 1st is declared “Luther Vandross Day.” 1992 Luther’s “Power of Love/Love Power” wins Best R&B Song, and the album Power of Lovewins Best Male R&B Vocal Performanace at the Grammy Awards. 1993 Luther records “The Lady Is A Tramp” for Frank Sinatra’s Duets album. 1994 Luther records the album Songs, including the No. 2 pop single “Endless Love,” a duet with Mariah Carey. The album sells 2 million copies. 1995 Luther releases the holiday album This Is Christmas. 1997 “Your Secret Love,” the title track from Luther’s twelfth consecutive platinum album, wins Best Male R&B Vocal Performance at the Grammy Awards. Luther sells out Madison Square Garden and releases his second hits retrospective, One Night With You: The Best of Love, Vol. 2. 1998 Luther releases I Know, his only album for the Virgin music label. 2000 Luther is honored on BET’s Walk of Fame. 2001 Luther signs with J Records and releases the Platinum album Luther Vandross. 2003 In February, Luther records a series of sold-out shows at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. In April he performs “One Shining Moment” at the NCAA tournament finals in New Orleans. On April 16, Luther suffers a massive stroke related to his lifelong struggle with obesity, hypertension and diabetes. “Dance With My Father” debuts at No.1 in Billboard. Musicians everywhere celebrate Luther’s legacy. J Records releases So Amazing: An All-Star Tribute To Luther Vandross. GRP and Rendezvous release two volumes of smooth jazz performances (Forever, For Always, For Luther) while Twista scores a big hit with “Slow Jamz” by referencing Luther’s “A House Is Not A Home.” 2004 Luther appears on screen at the Grammy Awards as his co-writer Richard Marx accepts the Song of the Year award for “Dance With My Father.” The album Dance With My Father is also named Best R&B Album, and the tracks “Dance With My Father” and “The Closer I Get To You,” his duet with Beyonce, win in R&B vocal categories. Oprah Winfrey broadcasts an interview with Luther from his rehabilitation facility. July 1, 2005 Luther Vandross dies at age 54 at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey. Days later, a funeral procession passes the Apollo Theater before the service at Manhattan’s Riverside Church. Mourners include Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, Cissy and Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson. Patti LaBelle reads from a poem by Luther’s mother: “God gave you love to sing to the world…”

  • Kiahyo - The Sweetheart Of Hip Hop!!! | | Detroit Kiahyo - The Sweet heart Of Hip Hop!!! Kiahyo's Music Store Kiahyo - The Sweet heart Of Hip Hop!!! BIOGRAPHY Gallery Music Song List Videos SMOKING HOT!! Kiahyo, considered one of the most dynamic Entertainers today, is a Detroit native who has been entertaining since she was five and wrote her first song at nine. Her style of music seeks to reveal the everyday emotional roller coasters of life from the humorous side, to the happy, the sad, and the angry dramatics of life. She aims to cover topics that everyday people can relate to as well as present music with substance and meaning. Kiahyo’s voice tells a story of passion and emotion. Kiahyo’s soulful retro-modern swag, singing and rapping, with an emphasis on, ‘singing’, is taking her many places. The sweet music of Kiahyo reflects a tradition steeped in the Golden Age of Motown. With a hint of the Soulful Sixties, and the Sweet-and-Salty Groove of what is called 'Today's R&B', Kiahyo has stayed true to the vibe of Hip Hop, and is beginning to establishing herself as a major artist in the music world. Kiahyo’s stunning and distinctive vocal style shall to bring her to international prominence. As a very talented entertainer, Kiahyo has performed at many exclusive places such as GREEKTOWN CASINO, THEY SAY NIGHT CLUB (DETROIT), THE AFRICAN AMERICAN FESTIVAL, DETROIT LION PLAYER’S SUPERBOWL PARTY, NAACP EVENTS, THE DETROIT YACHT CLUB and more … Kiahyo cover many songs over a number of different genres. This demonstrates her appreciation for other musical artists. However, she has always been a songwriter and performs her own original material as well. Kiahyo brings a passion with her music from her own life experience. To her, every moment of life has a song. As a result, she captures that moment and presents it to the world to enjoy. When on stage, it is a love affair with the audience. Her dancers are dynamic and are as passionate as she is. The strong talent and dedication of her band and support singers help her to achieve her best. The Spirit of Soul, R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop describes Kiahyo. A performer that fans appreciate is important. In addition, Kiahyo appreciates those that take the time to give her a listen. An artist can be great, but an artist that shows appreciation is loved. This is why she is known to her fans as, Kiahyo - The Sweetheart of Hip Hop! THROW YA HEARTS UP!

  • Kiahyo's Image Gallery | | United States Kiahyo - The Sweet heart Of Hip Hop!!! Kiahyo's Music Store Biography GALLERY Music Song List Videos

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