featuring DARRON MOORE

The Luther Vandross EPK Booking: 313.986.0998
Luther Vandross
The Luher Vandross Experience Featuring Darron Moore 313.986.0998
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Voted Best Entertainers In Detroit Mi

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Darron Moore

Darron Moore

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Darron Moore was born an entertainer. One of Detroit's most popular and celebrated performers, the muti-talented, captivating   

Darron Moore is an American Treasure.


An evening in concert with Darron Moore puts you ringside, where Darron's charismatic stage presence and engaging wit takes you on an unforgettable ride through the spirit of Music.

Darron is now currently taking on a new business as a Concert Promoter and Booking Agent. A task that's definitely keeping him busy!

Known as Detroit's favorite Son, Darron continues fly 'HIGH UP ON THE 14TH FLOOR!'

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Delisha Thomas

Delisha Thomas

Delisha Thomas was born in Carenage, Saint George, Trinidad And Tobago.


Having a love of music and a desire to perform, she began singing at a very early age.

Throughout the years she has developed a very strong soprano voice that enchants audiences everywhere.


Some of her musical influences are Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and En Vogue.


Delisha lends her vocal talents to a number of musical projects and continues her musical endeavors with Darron Moore and The Luther Vandross Experience.


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Nigel Foster

Nigel Foster

Nigel Foster is no stranger when it comes to being a performer.


Nigel’s talents speak for itself. With his smooth velvety melodic voice, Nigel,

woo’s a many of his fans into a hypnotic state of being.

His musical roots run deep. Motown is Nigel and Nigel is Motown.


Nigel’s rich history of the beginnings of Motown and his inside info on many of The Legendary Motown performers makes Nigel a national treasure.


So just as the Legends of Motown, Nigel puts on a performance that brings excitement to the many fans that are in the audience before him.

This is why Nigel Foster


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Janine T Jefferson

Janine T Jefferson

Janine T Jefferson AKA J9 is a Singer/Songwriter and Actress.

J9 was born in Detroit, Michigan.


J9 is a fun, outgoing, down to earth young woman whom loves to sings on stage.  She has been singing since she can remember.  .

Singing is J9's passion.  Whenever she is on stage she owns it. She gives great energy and will get you on your feet.

J9 has been with “Darron Moore and the 14th Floor” for over seven years and her love for the Artist, ‘Luther Vandross’ will never fade. We will only get BETTER AND BETTER!!!!!!!!!


This is why J9  flies 'HIGH ON TOP OF THE 14TH FLOOR!'

David Brandon-Drummer
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David Bradon

Parnell Williams - Keyboards.jpg
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Parnell Williams

Renaldo Copeland - Keyboards
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Renaldo Copeland

Wendell Lucas - Bass
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Wendell Lucas

Alan Day - Saxophone.jpg
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Alan Day

Clarence Williams - Guitar
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Clarence Williams