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Foundation of Funk with Valerie Barrymore

Ypsilanti, MI, USA

Foundation of Funk with Valerie Barrymore


Foundation of Funk with Valerie Barrymore is a top notch, vintage R & B Funk Band. Now, because of Valerie being often called the Queen of Funk, the Band now has an added dimension; thus, the name `Foundation of Funk’ was born.The Band has successfully entertained audiences from major festivals to private parties. The Band has the ability to perform for both listening and dancing audiences with the ability to tailor its performances to meet the demands of the crowd. Be it strictly blues, up-tempo R & B, Motown dance music or riveting funk and rap, this band is ready to put on a show!

The band is very strongly involved with the promotion of all their appearances. Some of these promotional devices include an extensive mailing list, flyers, newspaper listings and word of mouth. The band has developed a strong following all over Michigan. Their first CD, FOUNDATION OF FUNK, received six 2001 Detroit Music Award nominations. The band has been nominated for 2005 Best Urban Band.The band is extremely experienced. They have appeared in the `Ribs & Soul’ festival 1999-2001 and the Afro-American festival 1999-2001.

The band has appeared in the 2004/5 Pontiac Jambalaya and the 2004/5 ARTS, BEATS & EATS. They have appeared with Motown’s Betty Lavette, Midnight Star, and The Contours. In 2000 they appeared with The Ojays at the Michigan State Fair, in December 2000 they appeared with Morris Day and The Time at the Royal Oak Theater, and one of their most rewarding appearances was opening for Gladys Knight at the 2001 Common Ground festival in Lansing, Michigan. Valerie and the core of the band occasionally serve as members of the Jr Walker All-Star Band, on national tours

Valerie Barrymore was born and raised in Detroit. She attended Michigan Christian   College, where she was chosen as a lead vocalist for the school’s annual program `Celebration in Song’. After college, she toured Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, the Eastern United States and the Southern United States. In Japan she appeared at Club PePelomoco and Club ViVi.

In the early 1990’s Valerie came back to Detroit and did some recording with one of Detroit’s Techno Geniuses, Mr. Blake Baxter, soon after she started working with The Steve Somers Band, she fronts the band and impresses audiences with her dynamic stage presence and high-energy. Also, a talented writer, she penned the tracks `Desire’, ‘Love Me Now’ and several others. In 1999, she formed Foundation of Funk and started Barrymore Publishing and B. Rox Records.

She has been nominated for several Detroit Music Awards Best R&B & Funk vocalist in 2005 she won the award! Valerie has performed in two plays; WE ARE NOT GOOD GIRLS 2009 and 2017 THE PARTY AT BELSHAZZAR’S HOUSE, which Valerie wrote and performed EVERYTHING.

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