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Motown / RnB

Toledo, OH, USA


KGB Live Medley
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The Lowdown: "Motown is forever," says Gerald Foster, one of just a few Motown tribute bands working in metro Detroit. They're frequent favorites at the MGM Grand Detroit Casino and also heated things up at the recent Motown Winter Blast downtown.

The Lineup: Multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Foster plays live keyboards and triggers via laptop tracks he recorded and mixed to re-create Motown hits. Glenn McFarland is the baritone, Keith Dotson and Bruce Sims tenors. The Sound: The music is straight-up Motown with an electronic base. Dotson, McFarland and Sims produce three-part harmonies effortlessly and with a lot of love.

You'll hear a healthy sampling of Motown hits and other pop songs. It's the show stopping Temps-n-Tops medley, though, that knocks 'em out every time. The Moves: While not lifted directly from their originators, the men's dance moves are energetic and evocative of the era. Their matching suits, in vibrant colors (selected by Dotson), and Harris' sparkling coordinated costumes are also reminiscent of the originals. Don't be surprised when audience members get up and start dancing, too.

The Name: There's nothing sinister here; it's simply the first letters of each male vocalist's first name, in catchy order. Little-Known Fact: Even though they're Motown specialists, all the group members hail from that friendly town to the south, Toledo. Foster now lives in Lansing, while the other three have stayed put. They initially came together at a nightclub Foster once owned in Toledo, as professional musicians who spent their off hours hanging with their colleagues and singing their favorite music for fun. They remain crowd-pleasing favorites in their hometown.

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