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Cody Joe Hodges

Hermitage, Nashville, TN, USA

Country Acts

Cody Joe Hodges' music has been described as “real country”, highly influenced by the country greats of the 80's & 90's. With a high-energy performance and his brazos bottom drawl, it is rare that you will find someone who reaches across the aisle to both the old and new generations, but Cody Joe does it every time. His voice ranges from silky smooth to raspy seduction. His sound something out of the past, and writing style of the here and now. ABOUT You'll hear a hint of Brazos-bottom dirt in the voice that sets the tone for Cody Joe Hodges' sound. He's a “real country" singer who was raised in the honky-tonk and hole in the wall's of Central and East-Central Texas.

He now resides in Nashville and tours nationally year-round. In today's country music world of programmed instrumentation, Cody Joe isn't worried as much about fitting in with what's trendy. He's more concerned with making his brand of country music one that will last – a sound that true country music fans and some beyond will appreciate. You might not see a fiddle and steel at every show he currently plays, but when you listen to his music, it's clear this guy LOVES that country sound. “there's many miles on that old van, and it all started with releasing my first single in Texas - 'Getting Back to Country' (peaked at #23 in 2015). Since then, it's been more than 275k miles, several hundred shows and seeing cool things along the way," says Hodges. As an independent artist, Cody Joe is well on his way to finding his place in today's country music world. His last recording, “Roll That Way”, has become a dancehall favorite, packing the dance floor to many who are hearing it for the first time. He also released a patriotic song recently, which connected with fans, called “God, Family & Country”.

While his sound is more on the traditional side of country music, with recorded originals like 'Rush', 'Hellbent on Loving You', 'Reasons', and his new single, a cover of 'House of the Rising Sun', it's clear to see this guy's tool box contains more than just one trick. He's released several singles in the last few years and is currently working on a new album of gathered material - songs co-written with his wife and several other songwriters they've collaborated with over the last couple years. Graduating from Texas A&M in '06, he took off to Nashville for the first time, chasing his dream and landed a job on Broadway. Having way too much fun and with only a few months of stories, he moved back home from music city.

Not long after, he joined the Army and Hodges' talent was discovered while playing music with a panhandler on Tejon street in Colorado Springs. He was then recruited to sing for the group “Harmony in Motion” out of Fort Carson, CO, that offered a platform where some of his biggest shows to this day were played. Upon honorable discharge in the Fall of 2009, he moved back to Texas, and eventually landed a job in Brenham, TX as a power lineman for the city. It was then that he started a band called 'The Linemen'.

The group disbanded in 2012, the same year their album was released. Leaving the power line business in 2013, Hodges started his solo career, landing a record deal with 2 independent record labels. In 2015, with the songwriting help of his wife (Jamie), he released his first song 'Getting Back to Country'. It did well, peaking at #23 on the Texas Charts.

That same year, Hodges was invited to the The Country Music Association of Texas Awards, where they named him the Male Rising Star of Texas in 2016. Since then, it's been one road trip after another with Hodges averaging close to 150 shows a year, putting on several thousands of miles, honing his craft and serenading country fans.

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