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Paul Buc

Comedian Acts

Atlanta, GA, USA

Paul Gittens

Paul ‘BUC’ Gittens is a seasoned standup comedian who has performed on stages all over the world. A twenty-year veteran of the United States Navy, he utilized his time overseas to fine tune his craft and learn from comedians in the US, Asia and Australia. Serving under the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ era of the US military BUC found a way to be true to himself and even hosted the first Pride show aboard a US Navy Aircraft Carrier.

Now based in Atlanta, BUC finally has the time to really focus exclusively on his comedy, which has expanded to include tales from his dating life. We sit down with the bear loving comedian to discuss his unique career path and what’s coming up next for him.

Paul Gittens (BUC): BUC, now stands for Beautiful, Unique and Cuddly, but originally the name started as “Buck Wild” in the Navy because I was the reigning party king, no one could out-dance, drink, party and never get caught like I did! I was never a troublemaker, but always the life of the party.

When your shipmates gave you a nickname…it stuck, no matter where you transferred to. I have had the nickname for nearly 20 years!

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