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Detroit Dana

Comedian Acts

Atlanta, GA, USA

DL Styles

Detroit Dana, a comedic force to be reckoned with with an infectious laugh that spreads across the audience like wildfire. Step aside, here comes Detroit Dana! With her sassy attitude and quick wit, she has audiences in stitches from the moment she steps on stage. Whether riffing on the absurdities of motherhood or sharing hilarious stories from her childhood, Dana connects with crowds through raw comedic talent and a charming onstage persona.

Growing up in Detroit, Dana has been making people laugh since she could talk. Her siblings will tell you she has always been the funny one in the family. But it wasn't until after raising her kids that Dana decided to pursue her dream of becoming a professional comedian. She started by taking the stage at local open mic nights, working tirelessly to hone her 5-minute sets into comedy gold.

Word quickly spread about "the hilarious lady from Detroit" and before long Dana will soon be headlining shows across the country. Her effective humor and classy stage presence have made her a favorite at corporate events and comedy clubs alike. Audiences can't get enough of Dana's quick wit, infectious energy, and unique perspective on life as a wife, mother and woman of a certain age. She proves that true comedic talent has no age limit.

So next time you're looking for a comedian who will leave your audience in stitches, look no further than Detroit Dana. But be warned: you may need to reschedule the next day's meetings, because no one will be able to stop laughing for hours.

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