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D. Westry

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Variety Acts

Atlanta, GA, USA

As a Master of Speed Painting, D. Westry redefines and embodies a new art renaissance with his own innovative upside down painting expressions. His unique speed painting performances and shows are not only exciting; but distinctive, inspirational, and very entertaining. Creating with the quickness of hand like lightning in a time that will leave audiences spellbound and speechless. D. Westry is a performance speed painter/performer and speaker who paints patriotic, iconic portraits, custom images, themes and corporate brands and more, live in front of audiences.

As a world famous original Speed Painter, his performances are completed within minutes as a wow factor to exciting musical compositions. He performs his own “Amazing Speed Art” tour show, concerts, corporate, charitable, and private events around the world. His specialty is his “Speed painting” and “Lines of Creation,” a stage act in which he quickly creates larger than life masterpieces record time. As a “Speed Art” pioneer, D. Westry has been developing his original speed art innovations since his days as a child prodigy. From the 1980’s on into the 90’s, D. Westry became renowned as the “Speed Art Man,” and “Master Speed Painter” winning first place awards in every competition he’s entered.

D. Westry is famous worldwide for his amazing masterpieces, and for being the only speed painter to complete an iconic speed painting upside down in less than 90 seconds, making it the most watched viral speed painting video on the internet! D. Westry Speed painting performances around the world has proven to solidify his place in the world as the true master of an art form many try to imitate today.

  • A remarkable performance speed painter and master artist who creates masterpieces in seconds.

  • Redefines and embodies a new art renaissance with his own unique style and majestic flair.

  • The only artist to complete an iconic speed painting performances upside down in less that 90 minutes live on TV.

  • Available as a speed painter, entertainer and speaker.

  • Based in USA and available for worldwide bookings.

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