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Circus Foundry

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Variety Acts

Denver, CO, USA

We provide ambient entertainment that will increase the atmosphere of the event as our performers roam through the crowd! These performances are not disrupting to your guest, they can continue to engage with each other and they event. Instead our performers become an entertaining backdrop to enhance your theme.

We provide Pop-Up Performances for event where you are looking to highlight entertainment but just for a few minutes at different times during your event. These performances are designed to be small spotlighted pieces to enhance your event’s entertainment. These performances can also involve roaming performers that do individual guest interactions. Performances such as these can help your guest to feel comfortable engaging in your event.

We provide circus variety show for main stage longer duration entertainment options. These include individual, exciting, dynamic full stage acts that are connect by using a high-energy, engaging emcee. These productions can vary in length, performance disciplines, and styles to fit your desires. These shows can be the main form of entertainment for our guest at your event while we combine music, comedy, and circus performance for your guest to enjoy.

With Circus Foundry you get more than just a circus! With our wide reaching network we are connected to all sorts of artist all around the world in a varitey of art forms. Looking for musician, visual artist, photographers, choreographers, videographers, caterers, DJ, lighting, sound, projections, and so much more! We love partnering and collaborating with amazing artist to create incredible events, shows, and projects.

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