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Tropical Beach


Houston, TX, USA
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Houston, TX, USA

Caribbean Acts

IRIE TIME! -- *Irie* (pronounced 'eye-ree') is a Jamaican patois word that means 'feeling great', and it's the 'up', feel-good sounds of the Caribbean that this culturally-diverse group of musicians delivers. 

They recorded album tracks in Kingston, Jamaica produced by legendary guitarist Earl 'Chinna' Smith of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and also released an album and two videos nationally in the country of New Guinea where the band's popularity has spread to the Pacific Rim and Hawaii. 

IRIE TIME's live performances mix their internationally acclaimed Reggae with infections 'Hot Hot Hot' Soca rhythms. While performing primarily throughout the Texas-Louisiana region, IRIE TIME has traveled as far away as Detroit, Tucson and Miami promoting their releases Stateside, and has performed shows in a number of European cities. 

The group is self-contained in terms of sound and lights, and encourages booking offers from most locale

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