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14th Floor Music and Entertainment is an online talent agency that books Music of all genres, DJs, Comedians, and Speakers. Artists join the site to display their talents, thus being available for hire by clients worldwide. The agency is known for its professionalism and high-quality service. We match clients with the perfect talent for their event. We analyze the client's needs and preferences, as well as the artist's skills and availability, to make the best match possible. is gaining in popularity and is fast becoming a go-to source for event planners and individuals looking for talent. We work with musicians across all genres.

We also have comedians and speakers, that can provide talent for personal appearances, live events, and music tours.

Event planners book entertainers directly from the platform. Entertainers represent themselves and make their own deals with event planners.

If an artist would like us to handle their bookings, we can also provide that service as well.

We invite you to Join today. Sign-Up. Get Booked.

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