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Chicago, IL, USA

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In 2006, JClay formed a trio with rappers Rahlo and Supreme called 5th Flow. 5th Flow was part of the underground hip hop scene in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, Texas. The band's early release of Quarter To A Half Mixtape through its independent record label Pink Slip Records earned the group a grassroots fan base being featured on numerous mixtapes.

In 2010, the success of 5th Flow's single "IM ON IT!" earned the group a merchandise deal with Shiekh Shoes in the store's Texas locations.

After 5th Flow and Pink Slip Records dissolved in 2013, JClay and Supreme formed the rap duo 1st and independent record label The Slip Records.

During that time, JClay and The Slip Records released a number of mixtapes and an 89-episode freestyle rap series called "Go With It Mondays" that featured new freestyles every Monday.

In 2019, JClay released "Let Go" with the aim of healing those with mental illness. "Let Go" was produced by platinum producer Majestic Drama and featured on numerous Christian rap and mental health communities. After receiving over 90,000 Spotify views with "Let Go", JClay released singles "I Like You That Way" and "Right Now" in 2020 following a similar theme of healing and mental wellness. JClay has announced his debut solo album IAMNOBODY, IAMSOMEONE that is scheduled for a 2021 release.

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