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Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Eloy Fernando Fritsch

Eloy Fernando Fritsch Email Box

Composer, musician, keyboardist and award-winner. For over 30 years, Eloy Fritsch has defined his astonishing career through dedication and an incredible attraction to the never-ending evolution and advancement of music. Serving as one of the foremost figures of new age music in Brazil, his influence is now being felt around the globe. Following country-wide success with a progressive rock group Apocalypse, Fritsch found his calling within solo projects – composing, writing and recording 10 albums from 1996-2012. As his music continues to make waves throughout Brazil and beyond, he released a landmark 10th record Exogenesis in 2012. Inspired by the genesis of the universe, Eloy Fritsch’s most recent concept album sees the prog-rock/new age guru delving even deeper into his sci-fi electro roots to generate a truly original, captivating sound that leaves the listener wide-eyed and amazed.

Fritsch kicked off his dynamic career by founding Apocalypse in 1983, which is now considered one of the most influential progressive rock groups in Brazil. After nearly a decade of manning the keyboards with the group, he dove headfirst into solo projects in 1992, experimenting with new age,  instrumental and a host of other worldly sounds, releasing his first solo record Dreams in 1995. 

Now riding the success of Exogenesis well into 2013, Fritsch is back in the studio, ready to write and record another inspirational album driven by his incredible, natural-born talent for keyboards, synthesizers and pianos. 

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