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The Old And In The Way Band

Blues Act

Albuquerque, NM, USA

The Old And In The Way Band

Think about those great vocal bands back in the 60's and 70's that you loved so much. That's OITW

Who is Olde & in the Way?

We're four musicians who pursue a lifelong passion for good music and great live performance. We all come from diverse backgrounds of professional music performance.

Like you, we love the music from the 60', 70's, 80's and 90's. It was such a prolific and huge time in popular music. Great bands, great writing, and great playing. You will love how we perform these great tunes. We do tight, harmonic vocals along with tasteful, well thought out insturmentation.

OITW as a band has evolved over the years, starting out as a trio, doing mostly acoustic tunes, to adding a fourth member on keyboards. We have maintained that mix of vocals and instruments over the last several years, with personnel occasionally changing as our lives, jobs, etc. change. You will love the current band. It is the best it has ever been, with amazing tunes, vocals and instrumentation.

The name: Of course Olde & in the Way is a somewhat derogatory phrase, if you want to take it that way.  We prefer to be a bit self deprecating in our overall view of our journey on this planet.  Actually we "lifted" the name from a now pretty much defunct bluegrass group that was composed of Jerry Garcia (deceased), David Grisman, Herb Pederson, and Vassar Clements (deceased). 

We were amused by the phrase,and determined to use it for a band name when the time was right.


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