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The Luther Vandross Experience ft Darron Moore

The Luther Vandross Experience

Atlanta, GA, USA

The Luther Vandross Experience ft Darron Moore is a music group that pays tribute to the late R&B singer, Luther Vandross. Vandross was known for his soulful voice and romantic ballads that captured the hearts of fans all over the world.

Since his passing in 2005, many musicians have continued to honor his legacy, but The Luther Vandross Experience stands out for their authentic recreation of his music and performances.

With Darron Moore leading the group, the Experience has been praised for their ability to capture the essence of Vandross' stage presence and persona.

The Luther Vandross Experience ft Darron Moore is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest R&B singers of all time. The show seamlessly blends classic Luther Vandross hits with a modern touch, thanks to the soulful voice of Darron Moore. The experience is a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair. Whether you're a longtime fan of Vandross or a newcomer to his music, The Luther Vandross Experience ft Darron Moore is a must-see show that will leave you wanting more.

The Luther Vandross Experience featuring Darron Moore travels worldwide and is a two hour stage production with a live band, costumes, and video production.

Celebrate the remarkable legacy of Luther Vandross during this performance of The Luther Vandross Experience featuring Darron Moore. This show brings to life the soul-stirring sounds of Luther Vandross's legendary performances and honors the brilliance and music of one of R&B's most beloved singers.

You’ll relive the unforgettable music and extraordinary dance moves of the legendary Luther Vandross, recreated through a mesmerizing fusion of dancing, eye-catching costumes, and song.

The Luther Vandross Experience encapsulates the multi-faceted artistic output and creative soul of this incredible R&B Artist, a man whose legacy continues to inspire millions to this day.

Enjoy an amazing performance of Luther Vandross’s most beloved hits such as, Never Too Much, Here And Now, Superstar, Stop To Love, Wait For Love, So Amazing, Glow Of Love and many more!

By the end of your voyage, you will know it’s the perfect way to honor the musical and cultural legacy of this iconic R&B star, Luther Vandross.

Darron Moore gives a dynamic and inspiring performance to honor Luther Vandross.

As The Original Premier Luther Vandross Tribute Band in the nation, The Luther Vandross Experience featuring Darron Moore is a great fit for all Casino, Corporate, Festival, Nightclub, Birthday, Retirement, and Private events.

Be it the full 12 piece orchestra or smaller instrument choice, or tracks, The Luther Vandross Experience has the right formula to fit your entertainment budget.

The Luther Vandross Experience is a band that offers you a choice of packages based on your budget needs. Below is a sample of what is available.

Option 1

Full Band (Recommended)

4 Vocalists

12 Piece Band

(2 Keyboards,Drummer,Bass,Guitar,Vibes,Percussions,

4 Piece Horn section,& Harp).

Option 2

Partial Band

4 Vocalists

7 Piece Band

(2 Keyboards,Drummer,Bass,Guitar,2 Piece Horn Section)

Option 3

Track Show

4 Vocalists

Live Tracks


Darron Moore and The 14th Floor Discography include, ‘Love’s Flight’, ‘Love’s Flight Reflections’, ‘Darron Moore and The 14th Floor Live!’, and ‘A Real Christmas’.

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