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Cami Baker

Boston, MA, USA


Top 5% Realtor | HGTV House Hunter | Author  | Speaker | Trainer | Visionary Revolutionist


The REAL Agent of Change

The Mingle to Millions Maverick has evolved into The REAL Agent of Change. Whether as an HGTV House Hunter Veteran, Top 5% Realtor, Author of the award-winning “Mingle to Millions,” and Cause Marketing Campaign Strategist. Cami Baker has excelled in real estate, lead generation, hosting networking events, public speaking, and partnering for profits with nonprofits for almost two decades. Her unique ability to see opportunity and create cash flow for her clients has led to the ultimate “Make Money Making a Difference” and WIN WIN WIN of a lifetime!

Siren for ‘The Awakening’

From struggling newly sober single mother to a successful supporter of all those whose voices need to be heard! Cami’s personal story and the journey that led her to this secret niche will be guaranteed to touch, move, and inspire your audience!

Ms. Baker is attracting altruistic, brilliant, visionary influencers, donors, charities, and Charitable Real Estate Specialists who share a passion for meeting the needs in our communities and the world by funding, in mass, the charities that are positioned to affect change. And together, we're bridging the gap between nonprofits and their donors.

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