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Not Sorry

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Rock n Roll Acts

LORIANNE - VOCALS Lorianne was lead singer of the Led Zeppelin tribute band, Four Sticks, who were voted "Best Tribute Band" in the Grand Band Slam multiple times. She also sang with Majestic Soul. She then took time off from performing to work on original music and focus on a new method of singing which gave her the ability to belt without putting strain on her voice. She is now back in the game again as lead singer of Not Sorry.

MARK MYCHAJLUK - GUITAR Mark has been playing in clubs since he was 14 years old. His past efforts include Sanctuary, a successful 12 year run with Drunken Bozos and then Bad Mojo with bandmate Bill Denigris. He also played in Led Zeppelin tribute band, Four Sticks, and Majestic Soul with Lorianne.

KATO PERAGINE - DRUMS Kato has toured with Britny Fox, The Good Rats, Johnny Bhive, Soulshake (The Radio Chick's house band), Kill City, Skullgrinder, Teazer and others. He endorses DW Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Sticks and Evans Heads. He's a father of 5, lover of pizza, and strongly believes that music and martial arts are good for the soul.

BILL DENIGRIS - BASS Bill has played in the Drunken Bozos and Bad Mojo with band mate, Mark Mychajluk. He also played in Full Tilt, Crankenstein, and Led Zeppelin tribute band, Four Sticks.

Danbury, CT, USA

Artists Roster Logo.png
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