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Polka Acts

Slinger, WI, USA

Jon began his musical journey at the age of 8, when he began taking concertina lessons from his father Russ at home in the small town of Montgomery, Minnesota.  Over the years, Jon’s dad took him along to see many of the greatest Polka bands, where their musical stylings left their impression on him.

  The 6 Fat Dutchmen, Karl and the Country Dutchmen, Ray Dorschner’s Rainbow Valley Dutchmen, just to name a few. The concertina playing in these bands was second to none, and Jon strove to model his playing after theirs. In his 5th grade at school Jon took up the trumpet, and in the summer before his 6th grade year, he had transitioned to the tuba. He continued with the tuba all throughout high school, performing many solo and ensemble pieces and earning top scores with each one.

  He auditioned into the MMEA All-State band both his Junior and Senior years, chairing in the top 3 each year.  At age 14, Jon was able to save up enough money to put a down payment on his very own concertina, purchased from Cliff Hermel who owned a Radio Shack music store in St. Peter MN.  

  In 2004, Jon moved to Southeastern Wisconsin with his wife Jenny and their son Zack. There, he began playing tuba with The Goodtime Dutchmen, and played full-time with them for several years. Jon continues to play tuba whenever his schedule allows, playing for great bands such as Barefoot Becky and The Ivanhoe Dutchmen, and Gary’s Ridgeland Dutchmen.

  He now resides in Slinger Wisconsin with his wife Jenny, who is the glue that keeps everything going together smoothly, and their 2 sons Zack and Xaver. Their younger son Xaver has also been learning the clarinet and hopes to join the band very soon!

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