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Kris Harris aka DJ Surgeon

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Detroit, MI, USA

Since the early days of Hip Hop, Kris Harris now known as Detroit’s Own DJ Surgeon has been blazing the turntables and working in the studio. After appearing at five Downtown Detroit Electronic Music Festivals, he made the Motor City his home. Taking on the official name Detroit’s Own DJ Surgeon he became an international DJ after appearing in Spain to to perform with Scan 7 at the world famous Monegros Desert Festival. He carries a unique sound that represents the art form of turntablism into electronic and booty music. Detroit’s Own DJ Surgeon is marching into the future leading the way of the high performance DJ to amaze crowds and leave the masses with the wow effect.

One of his greatest additions to the scene is the fact he produced and mixed the “Ghetto Tech Mixin’” series volumes 1-5 which have all become collector’s items. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of “Ghetto Tech and Ghetto House (The Experience)” on sale at the live show only...

" I have been building a sound and lighting division called Digital Custom Media fir 3 years now, we have done some good events and have displayed our RCF HDL 28 system with subs at various places, what started as a rental situation for Dj friends of mine has turned into a force in the market, people ask me how can we best support you? I say pay what we ask when you need that next level of service because we are bringing it with no apologies". -Kris

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