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The Fabulous Philadelphia Mojo Kings Dance Band

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Disco Acts

Philadelphia, PA, USA

THE MOJO KINGS serve up a mix of pop, dance, 80s, classic and modern rock covers. The band combines the flavors of funk, punk, R&B, and hard-hitting rock & roll to give a unique twist to your special event. The members of THE MOJO KINGS have performed at major events and local venues throughout the tri-state area and combine their talents and experiences to bring a new energy to each and every event.

THE MOJO KINGS performance is wide ranging musically. We are spanning the decades and a variety of genres. A dash of the blues, 80s anthems to timeless 90s pop, R&B, disco, funk, country, 50's, Big Band, Standards, Motown and more. We are a family entertainment oriented musical act. YOU PICK THE PLACE WE BRING THE FUN. EVERYBODY HAS A GREAT TIME.

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