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Polka Acts

New York, NY, USA

*** SMITTY'S POLKA BAND -- ROLLIN' OUT THE BARREL w/ the hottest session players in the NY music scene today--classic rock takes on polka, plus pop, Top 40 and Dance Music.

** Smitty's combines classic Old World beer hall accordion with vocals, electric guitars, brass, bass guitars and drums, in a rock band setup. And no genre is safe from the SMITTY'S, who will do whatever it takes to get your groove on!

  • ** SMITTY'S rapidly growing client list includes names like Tussey Mountain PA, Hotel Indigo (Long Island), City of Havre De Grace, MD, Mercedes Benz USA, Mastercard, Unilever, & Adidas AND THEY'VE ROCKED thousands of beer thirsty guests as a regular on Circle Lines' Oktoberfest Cruise up the Hudson River NYC.

  • ** When a Beer Hall hires us, an evening with SMITTY'S starts with the traditional Ein Prosit--the TOAST or CHEERS song--where we all raise our glasses and give a nod to everyone's good health! Then get ready to ROLL OUT THE BEER BARREL as we visit other BEER GARDEN CLASSICS like the Hofbraufhaus Song, Beer Here and more OOOMPAH!

  • ** SMITTY'S plays polka with a passion and conviction rarely seen in the market today, especially coming from musicians that are so young, even their parents didn't listen to it. ** Like a sonic--and comic--musical journey around the world, your crowd will hear fun takes on music from all over the dial and be able to laugh at the funny costumes the band is sporting-you'll see everything from Bavarian work pants to Bayern München soccer jerseys--"MIA SAN MIA!"

  • And just when you thought you wanted to hear another POLKA, SMITTY'S starts offering up healthy doses of Good Ole American Classic Rock from the Stones, Beatles, Weezer, Toto, John Denver, Duran Duran, AC/DC and Neil Diamond among many other legendary acts. -- "Like Straight Outta Munich" -- SMITTY'S is a true polka Super Group, comprised of MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST-VOCALISTS who have the ability to transform in a heartbeat from a traditional sounding polka band into a modern rock and dance band.

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