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Brian Graber-Trumpeter

Musician Acts

New Orleans, LA, USA

Brian Graber is a Trumpet and Sax player based in New Orleans La. and was a member of a New Orleans group known as the  “Runnin Pardners”  led by bassist George Porter Jr. of the Meters. The Meters  were recognized at the Grammy awards for lifetime achievement in 2018.  Brian recorded 5 albums and had a long tenure with George Porter Jr.  Also as a sideman, he worked with Tori Amos, Robbie Robertson, Better than Ezra Anders Osborne,Stevie Wonder,Kenny Rogers, Ralph Johnson of Earth Wind and Fire , OK Go, The Lee Boys, Terrance Blanchard, Dr. John and he is also on the movie sound track to "Twister" on a song by Tori Amos called Talula.  Brian Graber has long been a respected part of the music scene of New Orleans La. for more than 30 years.

Brian Graber contributed to the following recordings:Robbie Robertson: "Storyville"Robbie Robertson "Go back to your woods" Music VideoTori Amos "Boys from Pele' "Tori Amos Talula "Tornado Mix" from the block buster movie.Better than Ezra "How does your garden grow"Better than Ezra "Greatest hits"George Porter Jr. "Runnin Pardner"George Porter Jr. "Funk This"George Porter Jr. "Count on you"George Porter Jr. "Things ain't what they used to be"George Porter Jr. "Its Life"Anders Osborne "Break the Chain"The Lee Boys "Testify"

In addition to these he is credited on a number of local New Orleans musician's releases.

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