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Generation Z

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Disco Acts

Milwaukee, WI, USA

Have fun and relax knowing the dance floor is taken care of.

Providing a full in-house sound, lighting, and stage crew to help bring your ideas to life, Guyton Entertainment provides an experience unlike any concert you’ve attended before. Choosing from an eclectic array of songs as they feed off the crowd’s energy, every performance is specifically created just for the client. Whether they are performing at a high profile wedding, or an imaginative corporate event, our musicians know how to set the tone at every function, and the company is dedicated to making it one that is perfectly tailored to the client’s needs. 

With the audience as the star of every show, it is impossible to sit still while the band is up on stage, but if you’d like to accept the challenge, good luck!

Generation Z

Young, vibrant and fun, Generation Z knows how to have a good time. An experienced band that grew up on stage from an early age, the band possesses strong leadership and musicianship, paired with impressive dance moves that will surely leave you speechless. When Generation Z is playing, you know you’re going to have a great night.

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