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Safiya Nawaar

Dance Acts

Frankfort, KY, USA

Traditional Elegance with a Modern Flair.....Well known for her sweetness and elegance on stage and off, as well as mesmerizing and exciting theatrical performances. Safiya offers the finest quality Entertainment and dance lessons across the Us and Internationally. Safiya specializes in Weddings and large Corporate Events, and is also available for Belly-grams, Small Intimate Gatherings, Birthday Parties, Bachlorette Parties, Baby Showers, Restaurant and Hookah Lounge Shows, and so much more! Want Safiya to teach your guests a quick and easy Dance Lesson? No problem! Want Safiya to act as a guest personality and mingle with your guests? No problem!

Anywhere you want to add some festive flair to your event! ALL SHOWS/PERFORMANCES ARE FAMILY FRIENDLY!! Safiya Nawaar performs Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Lebanese and Turkish Oriental, Classical Persian and also Modern Fusion styles. She is an Internationally recognized Teacher and Performer with many years of Classical Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Theatrical dance training as a solid foundation before getting involved in belly dance. With grace and style, she enthralls and captivates audiences of all ages and ethnicity, and is well known for her beautiful dance artistry!

ITS YOUR SHOW: Safiya approaches every task with finesse and a level head, she will make sure to keep things professional and hassle free, and all with a gracious smile. Her ultimate goal is to make your event the best it can be; tailoring everything to your specifications, choosing music, props, costuming and dance styles to compliment and enhance your special occasion.

MUSIC: From upbeat modern music to classical Middle Eastern, funky and fun to soft and sensual, Safiya can meet your needs and expectations to wow and mesmerize your party guests. COSTUMING: Safiya has a wide array of professional costuming to fit any venue and she can accommodate the needs of any event. Discuss costuming options with Safiya when you finalize your booking. WANT MORE DANCERS?:

Safiya also has a small troupe of performers available for events, if you are interested in more than one dancer, let her know! As well as performing Middle Eastern Dance, Safiya is a professional instructor and choreographer with over 23 years of experience in Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterranean dance and culture. ~~Weekly lessons are available at Arabesque World Dance, LLC in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky. ~~Safiya also Performs, Teaches Dance Workshops, and Lectures Internationally. Safiya does NOT perform at Bachelor or all male Parties.

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