For Ever For Always For Luther
Luther Vandrdross Tribute Double Disc CD Soon To Be Released 2011
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Disc One

Track 1 / Never Too Much (Live) | 3.98mb - 4:19
A Thousand Kisses From You Is Never To Much!

Track 2 / Your Secret Love (Live) | 4.15mb - 4:30
I Don't Want To Be Your Secret Baby.

Track 3 / Any Love |
And I Know There's A Love Waiting For Me.

Track 4 / For You To Love |
I Came Here In A Hurrican For You Too Love.

Track 5 / A House Is Not A Home |
Still Be There Saying That You're Still In Love With Me.

Track 6 / Glow Of Love |
Sippin’ Wine, We Try To Find That Special Magic From Above.

Track 7 / Stop To Love(Live) |
One Day You'll Discover I'm The One Who Loves You.

Track 8 / Once You Know How |
I May Seem Kind Of Crazy But It's A Sho Nuff Thing Tested And Found True.

Track 9 / There's Nothing Better Than Love |
I would love To Just Spend All My Time With A Girl Who Makes Me Feel Her Love Is Mine.

Track 10 / Little Miracles (Happen Everyday) |
But Maybe Today Anything Can Change Nothing Stays The Same.

Track 11 / Dance With My Father |
If I Could Get Another Chance, Another Walk, Another Dance With Him I’d Play A Song That Would Never, Ever End.

Track 12 / Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me That's What I'm Gonna Do |
Don't you remember you told me you love me baby? You said You'd Be Coming Back This Way Again Baby.

Disc Two

Track 1 / Give Me The Reason |
Put on your best dress. We're going out tonight!

Track 2 / Don't Want To Be A Fool |
Next Time Around I'll Tell Myself It'll Be Better Than Before. Track 3 / Here And Now |
I Look In Your Eyes And There I See What Happiness Really Means.

Track 4 / Power Of Love/Love Power | 4.15mb - 4:30
Hold Me Closer And Every Minute of Every Hour Feel The Power Of Love.

Track 5 / So Amazing |
It's So Amazing To Be Loved. I'd Follow You To The Moon In The Sky Above.

Track 6 / Searching |
She Said Stop Stop Stop. Get Out Your Heart.

Track 7 / Love Won't Let Me Wait |
Now Move A Little Close To Me. You Owe It To Yourself And I Will Selfishly Take A Little For Myself.

Track 8 / Shine | 4.15mb - 4:30
Tonight You Gonna Get Your Time To Shine.

Track 9 / Don't You Know That |
I don't Make No Promises I Can't Keep. And I Promised Myself That I'd Love You Forever.

Track 10 / Till My Baby Comes Home |
No Matter Where My Baby Is She Never Leaves Me Without Love.

Track 11 / For Ever For Always For Love |
Do You Remember The Love We Once Had?

Track 12 / Bad Boy (Having A Party) |
The Last Time We Had A Party It Ended When The Sun Came Up.

Stay Tuned! The complete CD 'Luther Vandross Tribute CD' will be released in 2011!

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